Alien Eden Volume 1 graphic novel book cover

Volume 2

"In the wildlands of the predatory planet, Nemesis, ferocious tribes of warrior women and hybrid animals wage war!"

A Graphic Novel by SCAR!
Steve Carter and Antoinette Rydyr

Layout and Design
by Pete Correy

104 PAGES of alien jungle adventures stories!
A4 SIZE! B/W interior!
Full Colour Covers!

ISBN-13: 978-0987622990

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Alien Eden - Volume 1
contains ELEVEN tales of brutal savagery:

Femosaur World

Femosaur World - (24 pages)

Maneaters page 1

Maneaters (10 pages)

Blood Bitches page 1

Blood Bitches (8 pages)

The Battle of the Buku Buku page 1

The Battle of the Buku Buku (10 pages)

The Delta of Death page 1

The Delta of Death (10 pages)

Maneater page 1

Maneater (4 pages)

Wildlife page 1

Wildlife (7 pages)

The Obscene Beast page 1

The Obscene Beast (5 pages)

The Kill page 1

The Kill (6 pages)

Lamia Land page 1

Lamia Land (6 pages)

Attack of the Blood Swampies page 1

Attack of the Blood Swampies (8 pages)

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