Diseased Libido #1

Prose Fiction. 20 pages. A5 size. Price: AU$8.00

Contains five short absurdist tales of disease and unease. “The Mister Potato Head Incident” – horror – A psycho creates a living human “Mr Potato Head” doll. “Moving House” – surrealism – The porch moves to meet the gate. “Just Desserts” – sick satire – An adolescent discovers his body festered with postulant pimples full of giant wriggling maggots. “The Interview” – satire - All the classic movie boogie men are unemployed. Follows the interview of one client with his Unemployment Case Manager. “The Restroom” – horror – In an idyllic future the battle of the sexes has been decided. Sample or download a copy here.

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book cover - Diseased Libido #1