Diseased Libido #11 (Five Salty Serves)

Prose Fiction. 24 pages. A5 size. Price: AU$8.00

Five Sinister and Salty Serves of Nasty Portions 1. A deeply disturbed boy from a broken home loses his mother but finds A Safe Place. 2. In a tattoo parlour a woman experiences an orgasmic exaltation as a demon is etched onto her Canvas Of Flesh. 3. A woman is manipulated by the Vertical Viper, a greedy avaricious woman who ultimately destroys her life. 4. A poisoned journalist wreaks revenge on his old boss before moving onto his Next Appointment. 5. A failed mission to Mars results in a Crash & Burn of a spaceship onto a bizarre Earth. Sample or download a copy here.

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book cover - Diseased Libido #11 (Five Salty Serves)

Vertical Viper

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