Diseased Libido #12 (More Offal Tales)

Prose Fiction. 20 pages. A5 size. Price: AU$8.00

Three Offal Tales of Obsession, Compulsion and Fear
The Promise: A man wakes to find a dead girl in his bed but can’t remember how she got there. Did he kill her? Is it a Hoax? All he knows is that his life has become a nightmare.
The One A couple drive out to the country. He is angry that their relationship has ended and she is giving him the silent treatment.
Not Another Fucking Vampire Story The world is run by vampires and they’re farming humans. Algernon Crowe is a sun-shy guy working nightly at the farm milking humans of their blood. And he’s bored... Sample or download a copy here.

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book cover - Diseased Libido #12 (More Offal Tales)