Fantastique #5

Comicbook. 32 pages. A5 size. B/W interior.

Retro Futuristic Horror stories including: "War of the Winged Warrior Women", "Chain", "Whacky Spakki starring in "Attack of the Giant Gorgon Golem Gynoid" and "The Great Science-Fiction Con".

"War of the Winged Warrior Women"
is reprinted in Weird Worlds graphic novel

Includes bonus full colour sci-fi story, "The Emissary" - beautifully illustrated by Jason Paulos in the classic style of Al Williamson, in which an ambassador from Earth attempts to unify the colonized planets and becomes entangled in the local politics of an outlying world. Hand drawn with computer colouring.

"The Emissary" is reprinted in Full Colour
in Phantastique graphic novel

"The Emissary" was originally published in black & white in "EEEK!" #5 by Black House Comics and now appears for the first time in colour.

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book cover - Fantastique #5