Hostile Earth:

Prose Fiction. 16 pages. A5 size. Price: AU$8.00

Hostile Earth - Recreation: Life outside the enclosed cities is grim, lawless and desperate. Monstrous creatures stalk the wilderness while nomadic bands of desperate human outcasts live like primitive man among the remnants of a long vanished past.

Deadliest of all perils are the renegade bands of wealthy and debauched hunters from the cities, the most notorious of which is led by the depraved sadist Royce Darby. Their favourite pastime is mercilessly preying upon and brutally debasing any hapless humans they encounter.

Out in The Wasteland there are no rules; there is no law. Each atrocity these inhumane hunters commit is more outlandish than the last. For their victims, it seems that these men will never have to account for their actions, no matter how abhorrent.

But there is one man who knows they must be stopped. He knows all about Royce Darby and his perverted tastes; his insatiable appetite for cruelty. The history of the two men extends all the way back to their early childhood rivalry.

Since being outcast from the city he has joined Neil Blackwood’s resourceful band of survivalists and has finally found a grim purpose for his existence; to finally put an end to Darby’s relentless reign of terror.

Hostile Earth - Grorl: Grorl is manlike but not human. His kind arose from the scurrying rodents over the incalculable aeons during which human society crumbled. They became large, powerful predators and killers.

Most of the ever-receding human population had long ago retreated into their crowded, fortified cities. Therein they constantly scrabble and bicker over what scant resources and power they can attain as they cower behind their massive walls, afraid of the terrors lurking in the now very alien realm outside.

By contrast, Grorl’s world is a vast, ruined wasteland dotted with the remnants of past human habitation. But even out here, small, scattered bands of human outcasts have also attained a foothold and survived.

These desperate humans live like primitive man. They also make for good hunting and eating, and the bestial Grorl savours the flesh of their females, who also arouse other primal instincts and appetites within him.

This massive, primal brute’s human prey is also resourceful; what they lack in sheer physical power and endurance, they more than make up for with their wits and tenacity.

In Grorl’s world, Man is still essentially a deadly predator, and the most dangerous prey that this beast will ever hunt.

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