Hostile Earth:

Prose Fiction. 16 pages. A5 size. Price: AU$8.00

The only respite from the terrors of the vast Wasteland is within the imposing walls of the protected cities. But even there, life for the average person is often grim and miserable. The only exceptions are the mega-rich, most of whom are decadent and corrupt degenerates. But even they are not safe from the scheming machinations and debased appetites of one another.

Jennifer Jensen is a mere worker, on the lowest rung of society and little more than a slave. Even her beauty is a liability; it attracts the lecherous interests of the most debauched and corrupt of the wealthy reprobates. One such person is her boss, Manning Foley, an aspiring managing director who seizes upon the opportunity to accumulate more wealth and power by selling her to the highest bidder.

But delivering Jennifer to his latest client requires a hazardous trip through The Wasteland to another, far distant city. Things quickly take a turn for the worst when Manning Foley, along with his pretty cargo is stranded in a nightmare world of giant, humanlike predatory rats and an ever precarious environment.

Neither of them has ever been outside the confines of a walled city and both are ill prepared for the horrors that confront them.

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