Bestiary of Monstruum #1

A4 size Pin-Up Book
Full Colour Cover
48 Black & White Interior pages

Bestiary of Monstruum is a cornucopia of fantastical beasts, antediluvian freaks from other dimensions, strange evolutions and interplanetary monsters.

A Wild and Bizarre Colouring Book!

ISBN-13: 978-0987622945

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Bestiary of Monstruum #1 front cover

THE STONE GODS AWAKEN - front cover for Bestiary of Monstruum #1 by SCAR

The Ceratogryph by SCAR

The Ceratogryph

Armour Headed Dragon Fish by SCAR

Armour Headed Dragon Fish

Megafauna of Nemesis by SCAR

Megafauna of Nemesis

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Fajessa fends off a Kraken

Menace of the Flying King Toadfish by SCAR

Menace of the Flying King Toadfish

Great Grorgarmu by SCAR

Great Grorgarmu - Back cover to Bestiary of Monstruum #1