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Savage Worlds

A Graphic Novel by SCAR

Art by Steve Carter, Antoinette Rydyr
and Bambos Georgiou

Published by Bloody Gore Comix in Canada!

104 PAGES of gross out comics!

Includes pin-ups by SCAR, Raúlo Cáceres, Bambos Georgiou and Steph Dumais

Comicbook Size!
B/W interior!
Full Colour Covers!

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Bloody Gore Comix

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Savage Worlds

Review of Savage Worlds
by The Gore Maniac on Facebook - 24 May 2023

Savage Worlds by SCAR is unbelievably brutal, overflowing with nudity, gore, and situations that I can't describe in this post. There is a lot of nasty stuff in this one. If you enjoy intense art - you will totally dig Savage Worlds, I loved it. Contains the previously unpublished story Savage Woman Savage Beast, which was turned down by Eros Comix. I have no doubt that it was rejected due to the extreme content. It's actually my favorite story in the book. There's an art gallery featuring Raúlo Cáceres, Steph Dumais, Bambos Georgiou, and SCAR. Disgusting, controversial, and extremely challenging - I recommend it!

Savage Worlds
contains four tales of brutal savagery:

Femosaur World (24 pages)
Predators of the Colony (24 pages)
Savage Woman Savage Beast (24 pages)
Spicy Alien Detective - Fearsome Fem Freaks (12 pages)

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