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Fear Stories

The Fear Tree &
Smokers Are The New Jews
Published in "Blackguard" #4:
Fear issue - Autumn 2012

Stories and Art by SCAR
Antoinette Rydyr & Steve Carter.

Blackguard #3 cover

"Blackguard #4" - Published by Stratu - is a superb anthology featuring the awesome talents of Kayla Escobedo, Ross Tesoriero, Dexter Cockburn, Pteri Dacht-Ullman, Noah Van Sciver, Brent Moore, Shaun Craike, Jaimie Hashey, Julie, Glenn Smith, Mel Stringer, Chris Mikul, Lark, Ryan Vella, David Puckeridge, Doug Iannucci, Damian McDonald, Jojo the Dog Faced Boy, Adam Pasion, Mike Diana.